Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Queen of Tarts Game

Hi! Here is my Final Project for the class if anyone would like to try playing it! Just click to begin your  Wonderland Adventure :)

Have fun and good luck!


Waiting for Control: A Machinima Project

Jessica Huber's Final Project
Machinima using Nintendo 64

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paidia and Ludus Revisited

Let's think about paidia and ludus again, and how they might relate to narrative, in games and in digital media broadly. When we consider "narrative" as telling, not necessarily as plot, what does that reveal? Is telling always antithetical to doing? Do we not tell as we do? The answer may be in the difference between Red vs. Blue and Halo gameplay.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

PROJECT PLANNING WORKSHEET (“It furthers to have somewhere to go.”)

The projects you've done so far have been terrific--the digital retellings of fairy tales, and the blue sky projects. Now we move towards the final project. Here is the worksheet we'll use as the basis for some of today's class. You have storyboard templates and game design tools for more specific preproduction planning.

PROJECT PLANNING WORKSHEET (“It furthers to have somewhere to go.”)

With a partner, work through the steps on this sheet. You can interview or guide your partner through the parts, then switch.

1) Project idea:

2) Title:

3) Break it down into pieces.


4) What new skills do you need to learn? How will you learn them?

Is this a reasonable project that you can complete given the time constraints and other limitations of the pesky thing we call reality? If yes, hooray! If no, then how can you readjust the scope to make it something you can finish and do well?