Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Building & Machinima Workshop

There is an essential skill that is key for both building and machinima--moving the "camera" in the virtual world. We'll experiment with that, and I'll also show you some tools people have made to help streamline camera positioning. Then you'll try out your cam skills as you create a virtual sculpture and then pop some scripts into it, because that is how the real magic happens. Then we'll break into teams and shoot a little footage.

First, as an example of engaging use of machinima and also an edifiying and entertaining tutorial on the camera:

Slurl to AngryBeth's machinima tv studio with camera switcher (25 L$). You'll need basic prim movement and cam skills to use this.

Building tools on the SL wiki

Script Me, please! autoscript generator. But if you plan on doing any real building or using scripts, you are going to have to learn the basics of lsl, Linden Scripting Language, and how scripts work, so you can figure out what is going wrong when it does, or how to tweak a script you get from a generator, from the wiki, or another source. Simon Kline runs terrific classes in Second Life (see: Kline Labs), and there are other ways to learn as well.

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