Friday, February 25, 2011

Reactive Music, and Some Questions

I've been experimenting with rjdj's Reactive Music app for iPhone. I used it for the sound for the machinima I made to document a virtual art installation, "IceOpal" and also to augment the thrilling experience of waiting for the T in the subway station. I particularly like how you can hear the bell of the train at the end of that recording/piece. That bell is on the old trains, and I don't think it's changed since I was a kid growing up in Boston.

So here are my questions: What is the visual equivalent of reactive music/sound? The Ascend scene I used for both pieces here doesn't only overlay your recorded sound, but uses it to generate music based on a composition by composer Dizzy Banjo.

And what is the narrative, or storytelling, equivalent????? Can we think about augmented storytelling? What would that be?

You need to have Flash installed to listen directly on the site. Install Flash or you can download the recording instead

"Waiting Feb 24, 2011 5:00 PM in Hynes T station" by L1

Ascend Recorded from Ascend. Check out more recordings from Ascend...

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